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Southern Alberta Municipal Surveys from Jones Geomatics Ltd.

From an urban standpoint, it is our objective to be responsive to the needs of:

  • Land developers

  • Construction firms

  • Local governments

  • Private land owners

  • Realtors

  • Legal professionals

  • Cartographers

  • Spatial information specialists

  • Architects

  • Professional urban planners

We provide such products as:

  • Legal subdivision plans

  • Right-of-way plans

  • Descriptive plans

  • Strata plans

  • Road plans (including widening and corner cuts)

  • Real property reports

  • Tentative plans for subdivision application

  • Site plans for planning and architectural design

  • Topographic survey plans for water management, environmental concerns and development

  • Plot plans for building placement

  • Condominium plans

  • Development permit application plans

  • Lease area plans

  • Any other spatial information that needs to be dimensioned and displayed in a two-dimensional format

The above products can be supplied in hard copy and/or disc format. In conjunction with these products, we offer services such as:

  • Property line staking

  • Horizontal and vertical control (either traditionally or with GPS technology) for a wide variety of users

  • Building layout

  • Deformation surveys

  • Road construction staking

  • Buried structure/facility location

  • Easement and right-of-way surveying and staking

  • Any other event whereby spatial information is required on the ground

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