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Jones Geomatics Ltd. Provides Real Property Reports

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of all significant visible improvements relative to property boundaries.

What is an RPR and Who Needs One?

An RPR is a useful tool for and can be relied upon by property owners, potential buyers or sellers, municipalities, realtors and mortgage lenders. It displays the locations of improvements on a property and any encroachments that may exist, and it provides a visual representation of the property and can also be used to determine compliance with municipal bylaws. It may also include a written statement detailing the surveyor’s opinions or concerns.View a sample RPR here.

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Please visit the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association for more information about Real Property Reports. For a quotation, please contact us or use our online request form, and be sure to include the address and legal description of the property.

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