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About Jones Geomatics Ltd.

Jones Geomatics Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Kevin Jones, with the goal of providing quality land surveying services. With a fresh perspective and similar values, Jalen Giroux became President of Jones Geomatics in 2022.

The cornerstone of our company has always been the diversity of its personnel. We attract a blend of technical, professional and industry-seasoned employees, all who participate in mentoring new employees and articling students, which ensures consistent strength for future growth. Interested in joining our stand-out team? Explore available career opportunities.

Our office and field staff has access to the latest technology and programs, which enhance and support a wide variety of land surveys and geomatics services.


Jalen Giroux


Alberta Land Surveyor


Kevin Jones


Alberta Land Surveyor, P.Eng

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Jones Geomatics Ltd., in consultation with regulatory agencies, independent auditors and our clients, is constantly modifying and updating our safety program and environmental policies to meet or exceed industry standards. Safety affects all aspects of our company. Through educational training, we ensure all employees understand the importance of safety and environmental stewardship at work and in their communities.

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Surveyor engineer with equipment (theodolite or total positioning station) on the construc
Corporate Motto

At Jones Geomatics Ltd., we firmly believe that “Your success is our success,” and we’ve proudly adopted this as our company motto.

Because we can’t succeed unless you succeed, we are dedicated to providing reliable, accurate data in a timely fashion, and the interests and concerns of our clientele are always at the forefront of our undertakings. A survey provides the basis or platform from which important decisions are derived. We value the importance of accurate, up-to-date information and pride ourselves on keeping a professional standard of service. We are a young, energetic company forging long-term relationships with our clientele.

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