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vacant land parcels, aerial view

Municipal Surveys

Jones Geomatics holds both Alberta Land Surveyor and Canada Land Surveyor Permits to practice. We work closely with land developers, construction firms, local governments, private landowners, realtors, legal professionals, architects, urban planners and more.

From an urban standpoint, it is our objective to be responsive to the needs of:

  • Land developers

  • Construction firms

  • Local governments

  • Private land owners

  • Realtors

  • Legal professionals

  • Cartographers

  • Spatial information specialists

  • Architects

  • Professional urban planners

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We provide the following products:

Lot grading certificates

Lease area plans

Descriptive plans

Development permit application plans

Legal subdivision plans

Right-of-way plans

Tentative plans for subdivision application

Road plans (including widening and corner cuts)

Real property reports

Site plans for planning and architectural design

Topographic survey plans for water management, environmental concerns and development

Plot plans for building placement

Condominium plans

In conjunction with these products, we offer services such as:

  • Property line staking

  • Horizontal and vertical control for a wide variety of users

  • Building layout

  • Deformation surveys

  • Buried structure/facility location

  • Easement and right-of-way surveying and staking

  • Any other event whereby spatial information is required on the ground

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